Once upon a time back in the day, in a land far, far, away, there lived a young brother whose name was Mc’Kay. The people of his village and family lived a good life, free of modern day stress and strife. They enjoyed the tropical landscape, they danced and they sang, they communicated by drum, no telephones rang. The people were thriving and healthy as can be. They fed themselves with fruits, vegetables and the many fish from the sea. Young Mc’Kay’s father had taught him to fish; to be the BEST fisherman in the land was the boy’s secret wish. Every time he had a chance to cast his reel or his net, he’d end up coming home to his momma soaking wet. But upon his back Mc’Kay would have a sack… filled with catfish, whitefish, oysters, buffalo, perch and shrimp to make his momma happy. He had become a better fisherman than even his own pappy! Then one day a big boat sailed along the shore and out from its hull, dark ominous oil began to pour. The oil spread wider and wider blending into the water all around as all the people watched, stunned, nobody made a sound. The boat turned ’round and sailed away. All the oil it left in the water made the fish go away. As time went by, there was no fish for dinner; the people of the town became thinner and thinner. It was so bad that it made the women and children sad; the fishermen of the village got mad! They tried harder to catch fish, but only came back discouraged. The people only had a few fruits & vegetables to eat and a little porridge. There was simply no fish around and everyone was feeling down. Now during all this time young Mc’Kay laid back cool, trying to figure this out, you see, because the boy was no fool. One day he declared out loud in front of a crowd: “I promise you all will again have your favorite dish.” He then packed up his gear and went off to fish. When he pulled out his fishing reel, his line was so long, he could have caught Godzilla or King Kong. As Mc’Kay stood there fishing all day and thru the night, at sunrise he noticed a marvelous wondrous sight! A huge, gigantic fish was swimming toward the line. He thought to himself, “This big fish is going to be mine!” The giant fish clamped down on the bait with such a mighty bite that young Mc’Kay was then in for a heck of a fight!!! It was a tug-of-war for the next ten hours; he fought the big fish and prayed to GOD for more strength and powers. Finally the giant fish tired, he gave in and slumped. Mc’Kay pulled the fish in; he was delighted, ecstatic, he was totally pumped. He then dragged that big fish all the way home. He had come back a winner like a conqueror in ancient Rome! When the townspeople saw this, they sang; showered him with cheers, they then called him KINGFISH for the rest of his years. It is said that KINGFISH grew up living a happy, noble life. He moved to America, settled in Chicago and found his lovely wife. They raised children and grandchildren who carry on the tradition of “feeding the village” each day. Good food, good times shared by all is just their family way. If you go into their restaurant on 71st Street, order some seafood, and you’ll be in for a treat. Buffalo, Catfish, Perch, Whitefish, Jack Salmon, Oysters & Jumbo Shrimp, all scrumptious and delicious, not to mention this type of food is very nutritious. So the next time you’re hungry and it’s for seafood you wish, just remember the story and legend of the boy hero that they called KINGFISH!!!!!!!


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